About Flower Essences

What are flower essences?

Flower and vibrational essences are liquid solutions and contain the energetic imprint from flowers, plants or other elements of nature. They are used to address imbalances or negativity in our thoughts and emotions and have a therapeutic effect on our personalities – supporting, strengthening, and empowering us so we are able to function at our optimum level. Their help enables us to acknowledge feelings and mental qualities that need to be awakened, resolved, or transformed. 

They are mostly frequently taken orally but can be used topically or in a spritz. Essences are made not just from flowers and plants but gems, crystals, and other elements of nature and these are known generically as ‘vibrational essences’. One of the oldest and most renown range of essences are the Bach Flower Remedies. Read more about them here.

How Are Essences made?

Dr Bach made flower essences using the sun method – picking freshly blooming flowers, adding them to a bowl of spring water and leaving it in the sunshine.  The energised water was then filtered, and brandy was added as a preservative.  He also made essences from the flowers and twigs of trees, bushes and plants using a boiling method before filtering and adding alcohol.   Although many contemporary essence producers still use these traditional procedures, mother dilutions are now created from many sources in many ways. For example, some are made without cutting the stem of the flower, whilst others are prepared in moon light, at special times of year or by using human intention. As well as flowers, the energies of other plant parts, non-flowering plants, animals, crystals, special places, etc. may also be used. In all cases, the use of water to hold a memory is of great significance.

What do vibrational essences do?

The various situations, circumstances, and issues for which essences can be used are numerous; just a few of the more typical ones are listed below:

  • Upsets and distress
  • Tension and strain
  • Unhelpful negative emotions
  • Lack of confidence
  • Adjusting to change
  • Coping with challenge/problems
  • Concerns and worries
  • Despondency and sadness
  • Focus and direction
  • Inner guidance
  • Relationship issues
  • Protection from negativity

How do flower essences work?

Flower essence therapy works on the basis that humans are comprised of a complex spectrum of electromagnetic energy frequencies which are related to our emotions, thinking, and consciousness.  It is at these levels that vibrational essences work, restoring harmony and balance when these frequencies become distorted or in a state of dissonance due to conflict in our emotions or unhelpful thoughts. It is thought that essences work by creating an energetic interface between these higher energetic frequencies and the physical body. So, when the frequency of an essence resonates with an imbalance within ourselves, a ‘tuning’ is believed to take place and harmony is reinstated. This has a beneficial effect on all levels of our being. 

Essences are completely safe to use on babies, children, the elderly, animals, and plants. Their gentle action and ability to be taken alongside any allopathic and complementary treatments has resulted in essences being employed in hospitals in Australia, Canada, and South America as well as British institutions such as hospices and cancer clinics.

Find a practitoner

However, there are times when it is beneficial and more appropriate to seek the help of a professional essence practitioner in your area. For more information read why consult an essence practitioner.

Learn more

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How do I choose an essence

They make an excellent self-help therapy and there are hundreds from across the world you can choose from. Guidance about which essence to choose can be found here.

Make up a dosage bottle

Essences can be bought and used directly from the bottle, but should you wish to take more than one essence at a time, then you can make your own dosage bottle.