Since the inception of the BFVEA in 1998, lovers of flower and vibrational essences have come together each year at a venue in the UK, to enjoy and celebrate essences at our annual Gathering. Usually held in March, this two-and-a-half-day event starts on a Friday at 4pm and finishes on the Sunday at 4pm. Attendees come from far and wide; everyone is welcome, whether you are a BFVEA member, a producer of flower essences, someone who loves essences or just wants to learn more about them.

The event offers attendees an opportunity to add to their knowledge of flower essences and experience how others work with them in different ways and with different complimentary therapies.  It is also a chance to learn about new essences and happenings in the essence world including research in this field.

Each year we have an exciting and varied programme of speakers, ranging from new BFVEA members, to more experienced practitioners, and also UK and international producers. Our marketplace, where essence producers display their products for sale, is very popular and provides a chance to stock up on favourite essences or try some new ones.  Display tables are free to essence producers attending the Gathering, but essence ranges must comply with UK law and producers need to be members of BAFEP.   

It is a fantastic weekend, do come and join us!