Julie Bowman - My Seaweed Essences

Based on a talk given at the BFVEA 2017 Gathering.

The journey of the sea weed essences began in 2011 after a brief conversation with my friend Angie at a Druid camp. When talking about my essences she felt compelled to tell me that the world needed some seaweed essences and I should be the one to do it. Living in the midlands this left me with a conundrum! I let it go at the time but when Angie turned up on my doorstep two years later with six seaweeds to give me, I came to the conclusion that

Later that year I was going on a retreat up to Mull and was getting a very clear nudge to take the seaweeds with me. I realised that I needed to rehydrate the seaweeds with sea water when I got there, and I found the perfect beach to
do this near to where we were staying. Then I found myself poised to make the essences, under the ever-changing weather of Mull – clouds, sun, storms, even a rainbow as I transferred each piece of seaweed into fresh water and
made its individual essence over the space of three days.

And so the essences were birthed. Their energies danced, coming fully alive for me, and when I returned home I realised I had six new companions. I didn’t have a clue at the time what they were for, as with most of the Lotus Holistic Essences! But with time and research, they revealed what they could be used for: Bifurcaria aligns the emotional and etheric body, bringing clarity to our senses and peace to our emotions. Corralina helps rebalance and reboot us, restoring proper rhythm and flow. It is good for land that has been disrespected or polluted, where proper ‘flow’ needs to be restored. Kelp Root brings us back to reality and alignment when we have been disoriented or when one part of us has been too dominant.

Coralline Kelp Variation relieves trauma in both the land or in people, allowing a gentle shift of long-standing patterns. Ulver is also releasing, of anything on any level that does not serve us, and then reinvigorates us. Finally, Sea Lettuce gets to the heart of the matter, smoothing things out and helping everything to flow better.

Adding More to the Set
But it didn’t stop there! The following year I received the guidance to make a new seaweed essence when on holiday in Kefalonia. When I immersed this seaweed the water turned pink so I knew it was about getting to the heart of the matter! Kefalonia is for purity of thought and being, and is a powerful filter, working slowly and powerfully within us. Two years later I made Isle of Mull and Isle of Iona from seaweeds I found on these islands, making their essences at the same beautiful spot as the original six. The Mull essence is for feelings of loneliness and isolation; for feeling bereft, and the pain of displacement. The Iona essence deals with even deeper, darker emotions, that of the dark night of the soul. It is for mental anguish, and helps to discern what is real. It helps when we are lost. I went on to make an essence in Oxwich bay. This essence helps us to step back out of situations, enabling us to view them and not simply react. It removes the complications in many scenarios. So helpful in day-to-day situations! And my most recent one I made at Corralejo in Fuerteventura. This essence was bright green when I made it, a classically toxic sign. Thus this essence is about disconnecting from toxic relationships, or dealing with toxic environments. It clears whatever needs clearing.

Combining the Essences
One evening when I was leading a meditation, I found myself in front of Neptune, the great god of the oceans. He was really angry at what we are all doing to the planet. I apologised and pledged to do some work, to make more of a contribution to Earth healing. It occurred to me that although individually the sea essences would be doing really effective work on the planet, it would be more powerful for the Earth as a whole if they were mixed together. I also was led to add Pearl to the mix – another of my Lotus Holistic essences, which is aimed at working with the ‘grit of life’.
I have been guided and very determined to make sure this essence mix is used by people far and wide, and so far, I have sent over a thousand bottles out all over the globe! At first I thought this special mix was to be used purely to honour
and cleanse all the waters of our planet, but as time has gone by they are also working now to honour the land. They have been used in ceremonies with the anti-fracking movement, Warriors Call, as well as in the clearing of wells and rivers that I initially intended.

In the combination essence mix the work they are doing is certainly on a different level, a much more powerful mode of clearing and transformation. As such, I don’t advise that the combination is taken orally. The people who have tried this have certainly been on a bumpy ride to put it mildly! I have learnt so much from when I first made the original six essences. It has been a journey of discovery with so many gifts, insights and inspiration and I am sure that that will continue. The journey of these essences has and will continue to be amazing. They are a gift from our sacred oceans. I am both honoured and blessed to be part of something very special and I know that there are more seaweed essences to come!

Thank you to Jan Cook who has worked with the essences and given me her insights. Thank you to Erik for his insights too. Thank you to Rafe, my husband, for his endless encouragement. And to all of you who have agreed to work
with the seaweed essences in a sacred manner, thank you for being part of something very special. May Spirit bless you. Finally, a special thank you to Neptune. Hail to the God of our oceans.

Julie Bowman is a full-time therapist, working as a Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner, and
Essence Practitioner and producer, and is a member of both the BFVEA and BAFEP. More
information on her essences can be found at www.lotusholistic.com. Contact Julie at
Julie@lotusholistic.com or by phone on 01332-280021.