How do I choose which vibrational essence to take?

Various methods, including kinesiology and dowsing, are used by flower essence practitioners to choose suitable treatments for their clients. If self-treating, information regarding the therapeutic qualities of essences can be found in various books, and most producers have definitions of their essences on their websites.

In general, it is best to use a combination of logical analysis and one’s own gut feeling when selecting an essence for oneself. Some essences will just ‘talk to you’ or you may feel an affinity with others by just viewing their photograph or reading about their qualities. Even so, because there are thousands of essences to choose from, it can be difficult to decide exactly which one/ones to select, especially if you have several issues to address. It is advisable to only tackle a few problems at a time otherwise it can be difficult to monitor progress.

In either case you may find it easier to consult with a qualified practitioner of vibrational essences. For more about essence consultations and to find a practitioner in your area please see the BFVEA Directory of Practitioners.

You may also wish to read Why Consult with a BFVEA practitioner and What to expect from a consultation with a BFVEA practitioner.

Our practitioners adhere to regulations set by COREP, the lead body for essence therapy. They are qualified and insured, and work to a code of conduct, as well as undertaking annual continued professional development.