Essence Magazine

The BFVEA publish a quarterly magazine called ESSENCE. It is free with practitioner membership, but anyone can take out a subscription.  We call these subscribers ‘Friends’.

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Some past copies of Essence Magazine are available for purchase, please contact the Editor.

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Many of our members are published authors and regularly contribute articles to ESSENCE magazine, but you don’t have to be an author to submit an article, the editing team will help you get it into shape. The BFVEA are continually looking for articles and we welcome article submissions although they must be essence related. For further information or to submit your article for consideration, please contact the Editor.

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The BFVEA Guide to Flower Essences

As lead body and an authority in Flower & Vibrational Essences, the BFVEA feel it important to have a reference document on essences which is available to the general public, particularly as some of what is presented on the internet currently is factually incorrect and misleading.  Therefore, the BFVEA has produced a short guide, which is presented in Q and A format and covers most topics generally associated with vibrational essences.  It provides a definitive guide for those seeking basic information on this subject.  The BFVEA Guide to Flower and Vibrational Essences is appropriate for any newcomer to essences, providing a good introduction.  It is also informative for those with some knowledge but wanting further detail on a certain aspect of essences.  It is ideal for practitioners wishing to provide information about essences to their clients, or teachers in educating their students. Download the guide.

Please feel free to print it for your personal use and to educate your clients or students.  However, we ask that you do not make any changes or use the content for personal gain.  The contents of this guide should not be published in any way or made available for download from any other source without the permission of the BFVEA.