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Aodaoin Hathaway Dances With Dragons
Short Business Description
Aodaoin Hathaway is a vibrational essence producer, working with the Dragons to co-create general essences and bespoke essences as a way of bringing the transformative magic of the Dragons into the lives of those who wish to connect with them.

Dances With Dragons has a range of vibrational essences co-created with the Dragons at various sacred sites in Ireland, this range is called the Dragon Bright Collection. It brings gifts from the Dragon Realm into the world, and gives a different way of connecting with these beautiful beings: offering gifts of peace, abundance, re-alignment, and magic. Aodaoin Hathaway also offers bespoke Dragon essences, where she will connect with a Dragon who comes forward to support you and co-create with them an individual channelled essence for you, along with a message from the Dragon.

Aodaoin Hathaway is an energy healer, teacher and mystic, who offers readings and healings on a one to one and group basis. She is currently working on a book about the beauty and power of the Dragons. She loves to spend time in nature connecting with the land and the elementals who inhabit it. Aodaoin does not currently offer 1:1 flower essence consultations.