Casey Jon

Casey Jon
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Wildheart Animal Essences

Hi my name is Casey Jon and I'm the Founder and a Practitioner of Wildheart Animal Essences, I'm also a Tutor Member of the Bfvea and have loved and worked with Essences for many years.
I live on the slopes of Glastonbury Tor which is where my range of Wildheart Animal Essences were co-created and developed with deep reverence and respect using Glastonbury's natural spring waters.
Wildheart Animal Essences were born from a profound relationship and love for the wild animal kingdom, they offer us the wisdom and guidance of each animal and support us on our healing journey. They assist and encourage our connection to the land and our native animals. All of the animal essences are, or once were native to the British Isles.
I work with Wildheart Animal Essences, Chalice Well Essences and other beautiful ranges.