Jo Jeavons

Short Business Description
Bfvea advanced practitioner; Bafep registered producer of the Essence Range "Of All The Trees That Are In The Wood".

An experienced practitioner of Complementary medicine, and formerly a teacher, I am now focusing on the production of this Essence range, lovingly hand made in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.
These intuitively inspired Vibrational Essences, are the outcome of many years development and refinement, as the Seasons of the Natural World continued to unfold, and many inner and outer journeys have been made in their creation.
It is hoped that they will help those who choose them to connect to their truest pathway, and their true calling,as they move towards balance and wholeness.
Three sets, each of three Essences, and beginning with The Cornish Essences, combine the life enhancing frequencies of light inherent in chosen unique and inspiring paces, with the supportive, uplifting and unified qualities of a Woodland Grove. They are for everyone, wherever they may be.

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01969 640600
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Buckles Farmhouse
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