Lisa James – Raw2Pure

Lisa James – Raw2Pure
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I am the founder of Raw2Pure based in Dorset and the Treasurer for BFVEA. An Advanced Flower & Vibrational Essence Practitioner, a producer of handmade crystal bracelets and a Trainee Conscious Health Coach.

My work is based around supporting adults and children to become the master of their own happiness and well-being. I made a promise … that if nature, flower essences and Conscious Health helped me from a downward spiral I would take them forward out into the world to support others through my work. My promise is why I do what I do - working from the heart to rekindle happiness.

If I could leave behind anything as my legacy it would be … a generation of children who have the tools to respect, stand up for themselves, break non-beneficial family patterns/beliefs, care and are kind in a New Earth in which they feel loved. I would love to be remembered for my smile, warmth and support to families having rekindled happiness within their lives and to younger children as the crystal lady with the magic drops!

I believe we all have happiness within us at the core and we are all deserving of having it reignited.

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Broadmayne, Dorset
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