Lucy Hunter – Garden Room Therapies

Lucy Hunter – Garden Room Therapies
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Promoting Health and Emotional Wellbeing

I am an advanced flower essence practitioner and use flower essences personally on a daily basis. I started exploring complimentary therapies some years ago trying to resolve debilitating headaches and hormonal problems without using strong medication. This lead me indirectly to flower essences, initially for ways of supporting my children emotionally as they were growing up and trying to make sense of the World. I could see how effective they were in helping them and saw the widespread potential of this very safe and simple healing, before I knew it, I had completed my training as an Advanced Essence Practitioner. Little did I know how much they would transform me as my own awakening unfolded, dissolving long held patterns and programming that I wasn’t even aware of on a conscious level but nonetheless had been holding me back from living life fully.

Now I support others to overcome limiting beliefs that have been keeping them stuck, enabling them to shift perspective, express their true selves and experience more joy in life.

I work from a garden room sanctuary in East Sussex offering face to face or zoom consultations. I also offer reflexology, reiki and holistic facials.

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Broad Oak, Heathfield, East Sussex