Mandie Danks – Touch Tree

Mandie Danks – Touch Tree
Short Business Description
As an Advanced Practitioner in Flower & Vibrational Essences, Animal Intuitive, Canine behaviourist and coach I specialise in supporting you and the dog & other animals in your life.

Touch Tree with Mandie Danks is about supporting you and the animals in your life. Recognising that you and your animals are unique individuals in your own right but while you are separate beings you are also a partnership. Each impacting on the other.

At Touch Tree it is about looking at the bigger picture, remembering that neither we or the animals in our lives operate in a bubble and we are all influenced by the emotions and energies around as.

I help you look beyond the obvious to find the lessons and gifts to enable connection, communication, healing and growth that will help you move forward both individually and together. To help you achieve this I offer a range of Essence Support sessions for animals, their guardians and animal professionals.

It maybe you experience some level of anxiety around certain situations with your animal, such as taking your dog out for a walk as the result of a past experience or your animal has challenges in certain aspects of their life. Or it may be that you feel you need some additional support or guidance.

Essence Support sessions are offered online or in-person within a set area and can include Flower & Vibrational Essences, EFT, Reiki and Animal Communication. Essence Support sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs and when working with your dog, can be arranged either as standalone option or partnered with training guidance.

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