Marie-Christine Matos

Marie-Christine Matos
Short Business Description
Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner; Classical and Intentional Feng Shui Practitioner; Professional Coach

As a professional coach and holistic practitioner, I believe every one of us can benefit from taking time for ourselves to explore the areas in our lives which feel stuck and de-energised, preventing us from moving forward in our life. This journey can follow multiple paths, each one spiraling into more awareness about who we are.

I specifically help individuals, who feel a need for change but lack clarity on a path forward. By partnering with me, they reconnect with their inner wisdom and feel empowered to make the decisions, no longer fearing the unknown of what the future may hold. My philosophy as a practitioner is based on an heart centered approach to support one’s journey of transformation.

A bit about me personally
- Born and raised in France from Portuguese parents, I came to Ireland in 2004 to complete a PhD in Carbohydrate Chemistry. I fell in love with the Land and decided to stay in the Green Isle. I now live in County Wicklow, the Garden of Ireland, with my partner and our amazing dog.
- I worked in the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology industry for >15 years through different roles so I understand that environment.
- I am passionate about learning and I constantly look for ways to grow and develop as a human being