Neil Brian Kynaston

Neil Brian Kynaston
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Soul Evolution Therapy

Neil Kynaston is an Alchemist, Dowser, Executive Coach, Vibrational Flower Essence Therapist and Trained in Gestalt Therapy at Esalen Institute in California, USA. He combines all these processes in his Soul Evolution Therapy Sessions.

“The truth gets spoken when another is fully present to hear us”

Neil works as an Alchemist, supporting you to turn what’s not serving you to produce gold in the form of emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual wholeness. Courage comes from within to seek a better version of ourselves. Often it requires someone to listen to us with an open heart for the truth to flow.

What happens in a Soul Evolution Therapy Session

A co-creative alchemical session. The process combines; therapy, coaching, mentoring, dowsing with a pendulum to clear blockages, affirmations, mantra and meditations specific to your needs, vibration healing and essences blended in a bottle for you to take which will be your Elixir.


“The aim of what we co-create together is for a supportive alchemical process to occur. This will result in changes in your life that are holistic and in line with your Soul’s highest purpose. The session, the Elixir and the Healing Spray you receive will support you returning to wholeness over the weeks/months that follow.”

Soul Evolution Therapy, NBK

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