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neil kynaston
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Soul Evolution

Fees and Programmes

Soul Evolution Evaluation (SEE)

We first need to establish if we can work together well. These initial sessions are 50 minutes long. We discuss the processes we will go through. I will outline my terms and conditions and the programmes I offer. You will inform me what support you need and what your expectations are. By the end of this session, we will have established if this can be a working relationship, with a timeline and programme. £150


The programmes have been created to support my clients variety of needs.

All programmes include at least one of the following:

Soul Evolution Evaluation (SEE)
Distant Dowsing House Energy Clearing
Soul Evolution with Elixir and Spray
Distant Healing
Ongoing Support

Programmes are available in a weekly process for 1 1/2, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 Months. Once the Evaluation SEE session/s are completed I will suggest one of the programmes that will be structured specifically to your needs.

10% Discount

If you wish to receive the 10% discount after the SEE session/s, full payment is required upfront for the whole programme we have agreed on.

Distant Dowsing House Energy Clearing

To read more about the processes I go through and whats involved click on the web link below. Fees vary as I clear houses based on how many bedrooms a property has.

Soul Evolution Elixir and Spray

In 2 hours we will navigate through the process of creating your Soul Evolution bespoke session with Elixir and Spray. For more information on this process, read the page Soul Evolution Elixir and Spray at the web link below.

This includes the cost of postage and packaging. £350

Ongoing Support

50-minute Sessions: I offer ongoing support in a dynamic process that incorporates Therapy, Life Coaching, Healing, Teaching, Dowsing and Mentoring. I do this via WhatsApp video call, FaceTime or in person.

Weekly: This is a block booking at the same time each week. £150

Monthly: Mentoring and coaching sessions over a course of 12-24 months. I assist my clients who are making a significant transition in their life, such as changing career, moving home or awakening to a more holistic and spiritual life. £150

Distant Healing

Up to 45 minutes. I offer Distant Healing in the form of Distant Dowsing. This process is powerful and clears blocks and downloads the required healing into your system. The session is recorded and sent via WhatsApp audio. £150

Key areas of Expertise

Coaching and mentoring people who are making huge transitions in their life.
Handholding people through a transition to awakening to their life purpose and meaning.
Trauma-based healing and therapy support to recover from physical, mental and spiritual abuse.
Working with children with ADHD and learning difficulties.
Clearing relationship entanglements in the now, in the past, and in past lives.
Releasing belief systems that are no longer serving you.
Health issues and low energy.
Relationships that are no longer serving you and healing from toxic break-ups.
Mental and emotional programming, conditioning from family.
Addiction and the roots of self-hatred: addiction is looking for love in all the wrong places - learning to replace it with real self-worth and confidence.

Phone Number
07964 305 355
Business Address
10 Harley Street, London.
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