Pamela Townsend

Pamela Townsend

I am an Advanced Member of BFVEA and a member of the British Association of Flower Essence Producers (BAFEP). I am a qualified Spiritual Healer and a Tutor for The National Federation of Spiritual healers, now known as The Healing Trust.  I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and a follower and practitioner of Plant Spirit Medicine. I run The 9th Halo School of Healing and produce 9th Halo essences from flowers, plants, herbs and trees.

For me flower essences are a form of spiritual healing and I have been a spiritual healer nearly all my adult life. As a tot I would run my hands over tree trunks and flowers and be aware of the different energies they had. I thought then that I was in touch with fairies, that they were communicating with me.  By my twenties working with energy had become a regular part of my life.

The energy of plants is beautiful. Soft, subtle yet powerful. All vibrational energy is and it is all around us, vibrating at different levels for different reasons and within its power sits the ability to heal. This is my love.

I offer telephone, one-to-one or Zoom consultations, to all who feel the power of essences could help them with the issues they may have. From shyness to anger. From exhaustion to anxiety. From fear to heartbreak. For as Dr Edward Bach said, essences can take us to a harbour of peace and security.

Why did I use conifers with their cones for my picture? Because this most ancient of trees represents eternal life and their cones represent spiritual awakening on the journey to enlightenment. It is my joy to help folk on that journey.

Phone Number
0772 090 5123