Sally Arthurs & EeeShel Trinity Essences
Short Business Description
Advanced Practitioner in Flower & Vibrational Essences and Essence Producer or Flower, Gem and Channelled Essences that hold the vibrational energy of the stars.

I work supporting others to fully embrace who they are. Integrating your soul star connection to grow and embrace your uniqueness. Supporting you to work through any old emotional patterns that hold you back , its often not what you think!

I provide 1:1 consultations either in person or online via zoom.
It is my passion to provide Group Immersion sessions to facilitate self enquiry and growth. I offer Gold Immersions that assist with Self Worth and embodiment and acceptance of all aspects of the self. I also facilitate Starlight Immersions which are guided and supported journey with the Star Channelled Essences that assist you to tap into your own unique wisdom. These groups are run online in a group or individually in person depending on your needs.
I am a firm believer that no matter what you do or what holds you back awareness and being fully embodied are the keys to growth and fulfillment. It is in this area that vibrational essences really help.

I have my own range of Vibrational Essences, EeeShel Trinity Essences, made with the energy of Flowers, Gems, Metals and Star Channelled Essences.

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G53 5PR