Saturday 17th June – Saturday 24th June 2023

In 2014, the BFVEA organised the first ever International Essence Awareness event and since then, each year, we set aside a special week dedicated to flower and vibrational essences.

 Our intention for this week is to promote essences to a wider audience – to those who have no knowledge of the benefits of essences or those unaware of the existence of the BFVEA and all that we offer. It is also our aim to build connections with others in the essence world, in the UK and internationally; these may be other essence practitioners and producers or people wanting to know more about essences

You don’t have to be a BFVEA member to join in or arrange an event, we encourage anyone interested in essences to organise events to support this week. It does not have to be anything formal, maybe having a zoom meet with your friends  and chatting about essences and what they do is a wonderful way to connect this week.

If your event is aimed at a more public audience we can advertise it for you on social media, please message us on our Facebook page or email

Throughout this week, we will have a programme of activities on our Facebook page – for example interviews with people in the essence world.

If you are interested in essences or want to know more, please support this week and participate in activities that interest you.

We look forward to sharing our love of essences and how they can support you and your emotional wellbeing at this time.