The BFVEA has arranged preferential rates for UK Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner members and BFVEA UK tutor members.


International Members please see bottom of page.

We have negotiated special rates for BFVEA members as follows:

  • £53.25 for UK Tutor members
  • £53.25 for UK Advanced Practitioner members
  • £53.25 for UK Practitioner members (*Please note that this includes a one-off joining fee of £3 in the first year for new UK Practitioner Member insurance).

The policy provides malpractice/treatment (professional indemnity) cover, public and products liability insurance with a limit of indemnity of £5,000,000.  It also covers sales of practitioner’s own essence products up to a sales turnover of £15000.  You can also include additional therapies within this premium. You will need to contact Holistic Insurance Services (0845 222 2236) if you are doing any invasive treatments such as acupuncture, working with animals or doing beauty treatments. 

The policy will permit you to work temporarily anywhere in the world, with the exception of the USA and Canada.

The policy is written on a “Losses occurring” basis, so as long as the policy is in force when the incident happened, then subject to the policy working, terms and conditions the claim will be dealt with by your insurers.  The policy includes full retroactive cover.

Holistic Insurance Services, 
181A Watling Street West, Towcester, Northants, NN12 6BX

Tel: 01327 354 249 or 0845 222 2236


Please note – New UK BFVEA Members are required to send a photocopy of their BFVEA Practitioner Member certificate to Holistic Insurance Services when applying for insurance cover. 

International Members –As of 2019, Balens were offering insurance to Members living in France, Spain, Greece, Malta, The Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands and Cyprus. They are also able to offer policies in South Africa through Balens International SA (PTY) Ltd.

See or +441684 580776

International Members in other countries should source insurance cover from a reputable Insurance Company in their country of residence, if possible.