International Essence Awareness Week 2018

9th September - 16th September 2018

 IEAW is our annual showcase for all the knowledge and experience, skills and talents, passion and commitment that we share for the world of flower and vibrational essences. It is open to everyone, not just BFVEA Members and Friends, so please pass the word around – all are welcome to join in.

This year our fith IEAW takes place at the beginning of Autumn, close to the equinox on 9th September, when hours of daylight and darkness are, for a while, in balance. With the planet Mercury making some aspects that will favour teaching and communication over the days we have chosen, and including two Wednesdays (named after Woden, the Norse equivalent of Mercury, messenger of the Gods), we will be in an energy stream that, if we are willing to get on board, will carry us along in a positive and enjoyable way.

Here are some ideas to fire your imagination for IEAW activities. See what speaks to you, remembering that it's good to stretch our comfort zone every now and then! We all know our strengths as well as our limits, some of us are happy ‘on stage’, others may choose to be involved in more reflective ways.

Talks, presentations and demonstrations; workshops and seminars; small groups, even one-to-one chats; displays (shop windows, libraries, business hubs etc); activities on SKYPE and Facebook; talks on local radio: contact local media – papers, magazines, newsletters.

Essence-making including walks in nature (taking people to important trees, gardens in bloom, beautiful places in Nature).

Make a space where all your essences can be out for the days of IEAW. Meditate with them, take essences as you draw, paint, do craftwork or creative writing and keep a record of your experiences.

Take essences out as a gift to the land; visit springs and wells, historic and sacred sites, places that need healing: lakes, rivers, streams, waterways that are neglected and overgrown. (Mapwork with dowsing and essences is also very effective).

Autumn 2018 is also the 21st anniversary of the first International Flower Essence conference held at Findhorn in the north-east of Scotland. If you're not familiar with the early history of Findhorn and the work of Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy McLean, who influenced so many in the field of complementary medicine, ecology, permaculture, community building and much more, IEAW gives you the opportunity for some reading and research. If you were actually there in 1997, how about giving a talk or writing about your experiences?

If you work in the NHS or in education, are there ways in which you can promote the benefits of flower and vibrational essences to your colleagues? With greater emphasis on mental health issues on TV and in the media, we are more than sufficiently experienced to talk about creating good emotional health. Do let us know what opportunities you think there are, and how we can support you.

There are many more ways in which you can become involved, so why not allow yourself to be guided by your intuition. Whatever you decide to do, please email Dawn White, our webmaster, with dates, times and details of your events. They will be listed in the IEAW Events calendar on the BFVEA website from June onwards. Remember as well that all activities give you CPD points.

Each one of us can do something to help raise awareness of the benefits of flower and vibrational essences. As an organisation we may be small in numbers but individually we hold powerful knowledge and wisdom that is needed by today's world. So please do your bit and know that it will help to make a difference.

If you have any queries you can contact me or any other BFVEA Committee member.

Thank you, and with love and best wishes to you all
Contact Dawn at

Our aim in organising this event is to promote flower and other vibrational essences through a programme of events, talks and activities scheduled across the UK and abroad.  This event is open to all in the essence community who wish to promote essences, not just those affiliated to the BFVEA. 

Please see articles containing ideas for suggested activities and events.  Organise your own events and if you let us know we will advertise them on the IEAW EVENTS PAGE.

Although essences have been available in Britain since the 1930's there are many people who have not heard of them and have no idea of the emotional support and improvement in their quality of life taking them can provide.  Most famous of all are the Bach Flower Remedies, created by Edward Bach, a Harley Street doctor, in the early twentieth century.  Bach's Rescue Remedy is taken by millions of people around the world during emergencies to ease the effects of shock and trauma.

The activities being organised will provide people with information about the Bach Remedies as well as introduce them to other essences now available, including those made from the energies of flowers, trees, crystals, sacred places and other aspects of the natural world.

We live in challenging times, so our events will demonstrate to the public how flower and vibrational essences can be used by all age groups, through all stages of life, on their own or alongside both holistic and conventional treatments.

Finally the BFVEA would like the awareness week to inform people who are already working with essences, of the training they can undertake, the professional bodies they can join and the work of the new lead body (COREP ) which overlooks standards in essence therapy.