How to make your own dosage or treatment bottle

Essences are usually sold in stock-strength bottles. Drops can be taken neat from a stock bottle, but it is more economical to create a dosage bottle, especially if you want to add more than one essence.

To prepare your own dosage bottle:

  • Purchase a small sterilised dropper bottle (usually available from a chemist)
  • Fill it with spring water and a preservative, such as a teaspoon of alcohol or cider vinegar
  • After deciding which essences you require, place a few drops of each (see the label for instructions) into the bottle.

It is worth noting that certain producers do sell their own dosage bottles which require no further dilution.

From this treatment bottle, traditionally it is advised to take four drops first thing in a morning, twice during the day and, finally, last thing at night, although both producers and practitioners’ instructions may vary on this. The important thing is to take them regularly.

When necessary, treatment can be more frequent, every 15 minutes if required, until a feeling of balance is attained. To gain the full effect, the dose should be held in the mouth for a moment or so before swallowing. It can also be added to a drink for sipping throughout the day, added to a small amount of cream, or prepared as a spray for external use. You can also add it to your bathwater, or, in the case of treating animals, added to water bowls.

Essences are completely safe to use on babies, children, the elderly, animals, and plants.

You can find a practitioner in your area to discuss your essence consultation requirements.

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