The Essence Practitioner

by Sue Lilly
Singing Dragon, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-84819-250-8 

This book covers the theories about essences; types of essences, how to choose and how to use essences; making essences and much more. Ideal for any student starting out or any practitioner wanting to explore new ways of using essences. (This book is not dependent on any commercial range of essences but is applicable to all.)

The Essential Writings of Dr Edward Bach

By Edward Bach
Vermillion, 2005
ISBN: 978-0091906726

“The Twelve Healers” introduces Dr Bach’s world-renowned remedies, which provide a system for healing the mental and spiritual anguish at the root of ill health and unhappiness. The 38 remedies are grouped in seven helpful categories and advice is given on the types of personality most likely to benefit from each remedy. In “Heal Thyself”, Dr Bach explains the philosophy that underpins any practical work with the remedies. He looks at the real cause and cure of disease, and gives practical as well as spiritual guidance on how we can all help to heal ourselves.

Tree: Essence of Healing

by Sue and Simon Lilly
Capal Bann, 1999
ISBN: 978-1861630810

Through the powerful medium of tree essences we have access to the great healing potential of the Tree Kingdom. This book is a survey of essences and different ways of dealing with trees.

I’m Fine! Learning to Unblock Your Emotions

by Andrew Tresidder
New Leaf, 2002
ISBN: 978-0717134168

Andrew has been a GP for nearly 20 years.  He recognises that what’s under the surface, is for the most of us, is just as important as what’s above it.  So, by exploring the invisible world of feelings and thoughts, by using some simple maps and tools to transform our baggage, we can empower ourselves and move forward on life’s journey.

Centaury for Virgo, Rock Rose for Pisces

by Debbie Sellwood
Polair Publishing, 2007
ISBN: 978-1905398133

This is the first guide to selecting over 400 flower essences arranged by astrological sun sign. Learn how your sun sign influences your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing, and understand the mind/body link in recognising which attitudes, habits, and thinking can affect your health and happiness. A comprehensive guide to flower essences for addressing weak points, imbalances, or traits in your personality that you may wish to heal, transform, or improve. Use the insights provided from both astrological and flower essences to accelerate your personal growth, expand your awareness, and align with your soul’s purpose. Also useful for therapists who may wish to utilise this book to assist others.

Flower Essences: An Illustrated Guide

by Carol Rudd
Element, 1998
ISBN: 978-1862041677

“Carol Rudd’s Flower Essences: An illustrated Guide is a remarkable achievement.  It is at once accessible and attractive and multi-faceted in its presentation of flower essence therapy.  Not only does she describe therapeutic uses of the essences of plants themselves, including botany, habitat and growth pattern, colour and shape, signature and herbal lore.  I hope that her work will encourage others to explore the deeper dimensions of this extraordinary therapy through which the soul of nature speaks so eloquently to the human soul.” – Richard Katz, founder and co-director of the Flower Essence Society, USA.

Bach Remedies and Other Flower Essences

by Vivien Williamson, with contributions by Dr. Andrew Tresidder
Hermes House, 2012
ISBN: 978-1843094418

This is a comprehensive guide to the beautiful world of flower essences and their natural healing powers. It covers in detail the first system of Bach remedies to be discovered, as well as more recent developments. It shows how flowers hold the key to unlock emotional imbalances, and promote a longer and healthier life, by releasing the toxic effects of buried and unresolved pain. It offers in-depth explanations of the uses and suggested indications of the individual flower essences, with clear and concise instructions on how to make your own. It is lavishly illustrated with beautiful photographs, including step-by-step instructions and lovely portraits of the flowers themselves.

The Alaskan Essences Living Book

by Steve Johnson
A compilation of all of the information for every essence in the
Alaskan Essences system, this is a repertory which acts as a continually evolving interactive vehicle for the sharing and exchange of information on the Alaskan Essences. This a greatly expanded update to Steve Johnson’s book, “The Essence of Healing”, which is now out of print.

Energy Medicine: Healing from the Kingdoms of Nature

by Sabina Pettitt
Pacific Essences, 1999
ISBN: 978-0969408338

This book includes what essences are, how to make essences and how they interact with us to achieve health and wellbeing, how to incorporate essences with other healing modalities (with special attention to meridians and chakras), and how to use them as a therapy by themselves. There are detailed descriptions and correlations for all of the flower and sea essences in the Pacific Essence collection, as well as a repertory for easy reference access to the most appropriate remedy for a particular mental or emotional state.

Flower Essences: Reordering our Understanding and Approach to Illness and Health

by Machaelle Small Wright  
Perelandra Ltd, 1999
ISBN: 978-0961771331

This complete and practical manual describes flower essences in a moving, down-to-earth, and often humorous style. The author details their extraordinarily beneficial effects on our health and balance. Using real examples, she shows how using flower essences can dramatically change our approach to illness and health. This is truly a book for those who seek to improve their health and overall quality of life.

Flowers That Heal: how to use flower essences

by Patricia Kaminski   
Newleaf, 1998
ISBN: 978-0717125739

This is an introductory guide to the healing properties of flower essences, with an emphasis on self-reliance and on methods and tools that encourage self-healing. Healing with flowers has many ancient and universal antecedents. But it was Dr Edward Bach, a medical doctor and homeopath, who formulated a precise system for healing with flowers, emphasising that we must ‘treat the person, not the disease’. Patricia Kaminski extends Edward Bach’s work to include North American flower essences.