BFVEA Committee 2024/25

The BFVEA is headed by a committee of established and experienced essence practitioners, who freely give of their time and energy to guide and govern the association.

Committee Contacts


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BFVEA Secretary –

BFVEA Treasurer –

COREP Chair –

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BFVEA Chair - Helen Ward

BFVEA Chair – Helen Ward

Helen F. Ward serves as BFVEA Chair, Friends Officer and as the Editor of ESSENCE magazine. Creator of the Guided Essences, she is an Advanced Practitioner member, and channelling medium.

Helen’s Website: Guided Essences


BFVEA Secretary - Pete Wayne

BFVEA Secretary – Pete Wayne

Pete is an Advanced Practitioner having worked with Flower Essences for many years and also works with other healing modalities such as Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Past Life Regression. Away from healing, Pete is a partner in several businesses and enjoys the outdoor life whether hills and mountains, wild coastlines, or the organic garden. 
BFVEA Treasurer - Howard Ward

BFVEA Treasurer – Howard Ward

Howard G Ward BA (Hons) FCCA is a qualified Accountant and the BFVEA Treasurer for the BFVEA whose experience spans over twenty-five years. Qualified within a top five Accountancy firm performing company audits before moving into industry as a Group Finance Director and more recently working as a self-employed portfolio Finance Director. 
COREP Chair - Jan Stewart

COREP Chair – Jan Stewart

Jan Stewart is a former BFVEA Chair who now represents the Association as Chair and Disciplinary Officer of COREP (the Confederation of Registered Essence Practitioners).  She is a retired academic who has made and worked with flower essences since the 1960’s.  She is also a Tutor Member and Research Officer of the BFVEA as well as the producer of Stewart Essences. 

Jan’s Website: Stewart Essences

Membership Secretary - Naoko Edwards
Naoko Edwards

Membership Secretary – Naoko Edwards

Naoko Edwards is an Advanced Practitioner and the Membership Secretary for the BFVEA.  She is Japanese and has been living in The United Kingdom since 2003. Her other interests are nature, animals, the universe, her allotment (growing organic vegetables and fruits), simple lifestyle and lovely, reflective moments celebrating all of the above. She has been studying and practicing several spiritual methods, including complementary therapies, over twenty years and she is always enthusiastic about subjects related to spiritual growth.

Naoko’s Website: Naoko Edwards

Practitioner Officer - Abigail David

Practitioner Officer – Abigail David

Abigail David lives and works in Somerset, an Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner who graduated from the Chalice Well Flower Essence Course. She runs a complementary therapy business, ‘Unfold and Shine’ which in addition to flower essences offers energy healing modalities and fitness instruction. Abigail has worked for many years in various places worldwide in the International Development arena, and currently runs a business consultancy.

Abigail’s Website: Unfold and Shine