Solange Carneiro – Land of Reiki and Aroma

Solange Carneiro – Land of Reiki and Aroma
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Land of Reiki and Aroma by Sol offers a combination of restorative and re-balancing therapies, design to support you through your journey of self-discovering and acceptance. A lovely combination between Reiki, Flower essences and Essential Oils.

My name is Solange Carneiro, and you can call me Sol.
My journey in complementary therapies started like you, looking for a more natural way of self-care and I found the Bach Flowers to be my first contact.
I fell in love with the flower essences and how the energy of the flowers subtly led me to better understand my moment, my emotions, and my way of thinking.
After a few years I found Reiki therapy and from client I became a teacher after a few years of studies.
The time flies and now it is 22 years of experience.
Today, I work as a Reiki therapist, flower essence practitioner working with Florais de Saint Germain (UK Ambassador) and Bach Flower, as well as the use of body language technique (as our body speaks our mind) with the use of essential oils, a technique developed by a Brazilian practitioner and teacher Andrea Darco.

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