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Solange Carneiro
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Land of Reiki and Aroma by Sol offers a combination of restorative and re-balancing therapies, design to support you through your journey of self-discovering and acceptance. A lovely combination between Reiki, Flower essences and Essential Oils.

My name is Solange Carneiro, and you can call me Sol.
My journey in complementary therapies started like you, looking for a more natural way of self-care and I found the Bach Flowers to be my first contact.
I fell in love with the flower essences and how the energy of the flowers subtly led me to better understand my moment, my emotions, and my way of thinking.
After a few years I found Reiki therapy and from client I became a teacher after a few years of studies.
The time flies and now it is 22 years of experience.
Today, I work as a Reiki Teacher, Practitioner & Mentor, flower essence practitioner working with Florais de Saint Germain (UK Ambassador) and Bach Flower, and Meditation instructor.

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